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ABC Organic Gardener - May June 2016
English | HQ PDF | 92 pages | 29.2 MB
Let the latest issue of Organic Gardener magazine take your breath away.
Kitchen Garden Transformation
Former city girl and interior designer Mickey Robertson has turned her talents to the garden, creating a living masterpiece that is both bountiful and beautiful.
The Art Of Artichokes
Annabel Langbein calls them the "gourmet's thistle", but however you refer to them, one thing's for sure - artichokes make a dramatic and stunning addition to any garden. Plus, Annabel's tips for harvesting and cooking this tasty veg.
Spinach - The Perfect Winter Plant
Peter Cundall's expert spin on growing your own organic spinach. It's delicious, nutritious and thrives in cold conditions!
8-Page Citrus Special
Lemons can be one of the most troublesome backyard trees to grow when it comes to pests and disease, but Justin Russell's season-by-season guide reveals how to have healthy, zesty fruit year-round. Plus all the juicy secrets on growing abundant, sweet mandarins - the basket-fillers of the citrus world.
Take The pH Test!
Penny Woodward looks at how to test - and adjust - the pH level of your soil, which is crucial for nutrient uptake and healthy plants. Plus Penny's guide to optimum pH levels for common fruit and veg.
The Meat Debate: To Eat, Or Not To Eat?
Weighing up the pros and cons of eating meat - for both the planet and people.
Quince Charming
Quince magically transforms from bitter and hard when raw to fragrant and delicious when cooked. Julie Ray's mouthwatering recipes show how to make the most of this oldfashioned fruit. Plus Max Allen's wine picks to match.
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