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Heya guys, JjStAr here with a crack for all Adobe CS6-CC products!
After Effects CS6
Photoshop CC
Audition CC
Muse CC
Not working:
Dreamweaver CC (does not launch)
To install:
1. Get an Adobe ID ( Use if you don't have an email (eg. [email protected]). Then go to, type in name (eg. foobar) and link will be there.
2. Download the Creative Cloud Desktop application (
3. Install the Creative Cloud Desktop application. It's VERY straight forward, just log in to your Adobe ID when it finishes installing.
4. Find the application you want and click "Try". (Of course, it won't be a trial when we're done!)
5. Wait for the install to finish.
6. Initiate the trial by running the app once, then closing it. (This may take a while!)
7. Extract the Crack file. You should have a amtlib.framework folder.
8. Go to Applications/[productname]/[productname].app.
9. Right-click on it and click "Show Package Contents".
10. Go to Contents/Frameworks.
11. Drag and drop the amtlib.framework folder into the Frameworks folder. Click "Replace" when it prompts you to.
12. Launch the app. You should not get a popup reminding you that this is a trial version.
Congratulations! You have successfully cracked your Adobe application! It now has all capabilities of the full version, including no 30-day trial!
-- JjStAr
DISCLAIMER: This is not my crack. A Youtuber named MacAtacck made it. I'm just redistributing it for him. Support him by finding his video and give it a like!
This description will always be more recent than the txt file. The instructions will stay the same though.
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