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American Scientist - July/August 2015
English | True PDF | 68 Pages | 16.74 MB
American Scientist (informally abbreviated AmSci) is an American bimonthly science and technology magazine published since 1913 by Sigma Xi. Each issue includes four to five feature articles written by scientists and engineers. These authors review research in all fields of science. Each issue also includes the work of cartoonists such as Sidney Harris, Benita Epstein, and Mark Heath.
Published since 1913 by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, American Scientist is an award-winning magazine written by scientists for those curious about science and engineering.
When you're looking for well-researched content chronicling the latest developments in science and technology, American Scientist magazine delivers. Each issue covers a wide range of scientific topics, including recent research developments in biology, chemistry, psychology, physics, geology, and technology.
All of the articles in American Scientist magazine are written by scientists and engineers, and the magazine is published by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, so you can trust the veracity of the content. The photographs, charts, and diagrams that accompany articles make the subjects accessible even to those with little familiarity with the given topic and add depth to the knowledge of those familiar with the material. However, the majority of the content is aimed at those with a background in general science, so readers with little scientific training may find the articles a bit technical.
Regular columns in American Scientist magazine highlight modern scientists' diverse viewpoints regarding the process of science. Personal essays on the intersection of science and computing, cutting-edge and controversial science, and the future of scientific research allow you a glimpse into the minds of people actively working in the field. Book reviews help you narrow down your reading list, while insightful cartoons keep you smiling even on days when your own research isn't living up to your expectations.
Whether you are a professional scientist interested in keeping up with discoveries in different fields or a student who simply likes to explore the world in greater depth, American Scientist magazine can give you a greater appreciation for modern science and technology.
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