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This one was probably among the easiest version of Bauer-Puntu that I've made to date. I decided to once again build it off of Xubuntu like I did for Bauer-Puntu 12.04 because Xubuntu is way easier to customize than the regular Ubuntu.
Again, like last time I went with an Anonymous theme for political reasons so the art work this go around is very similar to 12.04 with the exception of the login screen (Sorry no screen shot). Also you will notice that the desktop environment is different too because this time I decided to not use Cairo Dock, and installed Cinnamon instead of using XFCE.
So what's on this version? Well I kept these packages from 12.04:
GParted - Disk Partitioner
PartImage - Disk Cloning
CHNTPW - Windows Password Cracker
Wipe - Secure File Deletion
TestDisk - File Recovery
ClamTK - Antivirus
VirtualBox - Free Virtualization Software
Adobe Flash
SET – Social Engineer Toolkit
LastPass Chrome Plugin
Medusa – Network password cracker
LOIC – Windows based DoS tool running with Mono
Artillery - honeypot/monitoring/prevention tool
Pidgin + Pidgin-Encryption – Instant messaging with encryption
Thunderbird + Enigmail – Email with GnuPG encryption
W3AF - Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
Openshot – Multi-track video editor
Aircrack NG - Wireless cracking tools
and I added these packages:
TOR Browser Bundle - Secure Anonymous Browsing
Fern Wifi Cracker - GUI Wireless cracker including WPS
Reaver - Terminal WPS cracker
Metasploit Framework 4.4 with Armitage - Happy Hacking!
Truecrypt - File Encryption
Truecrack - Truecrypt Volume Brute Force Tool
Ettercap-NG - For MiTM Fun
OpenVAS Server and Client - Network vulnerability scanner
IPList - Keep "The Man" from snooping on your torrent downloads
Ophcrack - rainbow Table Password Cracker
Samdump2 - Dump SAM hives to get password hashes
BKHive - Used with SAM
UFW Firewall
Gwibber - Social Networking Client
Besides all the cool new tools, one feature that has been unavailable until now is the ability to fully encrypt your hard drive at install time! Pure win! One thing to note though if you do use the full hard disk encryption, you need to press F2 when you first see the Plymouth Splash in order to see the LUKS password prompt. Think of it as security by obscurity instead of... You know... A bug.
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