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Brit Floyd (4 Shows)- Red Rocks-Amsterdam- 2011-16 320ak
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Brit Floyd (4•Shows) Red Rocks-Liverpool-Amsterdam-Tribute 2011-2016 320ak
Brit Floyd originated in 2011 on the initiative of musical director, guitarist, and singer Damian Darlington "simply because he felt he could do it one better" than his previous band, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, and stating that "there is much more attention to details in every aspect of the show, from the music to the visuals to the lighting: everything is that much more perfected and there's a passion coming off that stage... It's a coherent, emotional journey through Pink Floyd's catalog."
Darlington began following Pink Floyd's work after hearing The Wall at the age of 13 and he saw the band live for the first time in 1987 during the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour. "Since then, he has seen the band in different incarnations, after its split, and including its 2005 reunion."
Pink Floyd saxophonist and rhythm guitar player Scott Page, during a surprise guest performance with Brit Floyd in 2015.
Regarding his growing up listening to the band, Darlington stated: "I definitely listened to Pink Floyd. I remember Another Brick In The Wall being No. 1 in the UK. It was December 1979. Probably my first memory of Pink Floyd. Then I actually heard The Wall album in its entirety and that's what particularly drew me to Pink Floyd about the age of 12 or 13. I was fascinated by the record that told a story, and all these sound effects linking songs together, and also the wonderful guitar work. I was already learning to play guitar and I wanted to learn to play some of these wonderful guitar solos. That was my introduction to Pink Floyd. I was a fan from quite an early age."
RELEASE YEARS: 2011-2016
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
STYLE: Progressive Rock
DURATION: 9:40:08
QUALITY: 320 kbps
Size: 1 GB (Files: 112)
2011 - Live at Liverpool Echo Arena (02:12:41)
Disc One (01:03:32)
Disc Two (01:09:09)
2011 - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show (DVD-rip) (02:19:38)
Disc One (00:59:07)
Disc Two (01:20:31)
2014 - Live at Red Rocks (02:34:22)
Disc One (01:14:24)
Disc Two (01:19:58)
2016 - Space and Time Live in Amsterdam (02:33:27)
Disc One (01:17:02)
Disc Two (01:16:24)
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Band members
Various musicians have played in Brit Floyd since its inception in 2011. The present band members are listed here:
Damian Darlington – Musical Director, guitar, lap steel, vocals (2011–present)
Rob Stringer – Keyboards, vocals (2011–present)
Ian Cattell – Bass guitar, vocals (2011–present)
Edo Scordo – Guitar, vocals (2015–present)
Arran Ahmun – Drums (2011–present)
Karl Penney (2013 - present )
Thomas Ashbrook – Keyboards, vocals (2013–present)
Ola Bienkowska – Backing vocals (2011–present)
Angela Cervantes – Backing vocals (2013–present)
Roberta Freeman – Backing vocals (2014–present)
Emily Jollands – Backing vocals (2011–present)
Jacquie Williams – Backing vocals (2011–present)
Gareth Darlington – Sound Designer and Front of House Engineer (2011–present)
Bryan Kolupski – Media Director – Animation and Video (2011–present)
Past members:
Amy Smith – Backing vocals (2011)
Carl Brunsdon – Saxophone, percussion, guitar, bass guitar (2011–2015)
Bobby Harrison – Guitar, vocals (2011–2015)
Pink Floyd has reached A plateau, and with the taste of "The Endless River" still lingering. It looks like the end. But it's not check out these artists and it's just like it was. When "The Wall" came out take a step back in time and blaze some good smoke and there you go...
analogkid 4-25-2016
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