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DriverPack Solution Camaro 17.7.4
(Released: July 19, 2016)
DriverPack Solution:
is the most popular program that makes the job of finding and automatically installing drivers a pleasure.
It simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on any computer.
No more problems with searching and installing drivers. Everything will be done in a couple of mouse clicks!
**Release notes (english)**
- acceleration of launch and operate the app
- acceleration of installation more then 50%
- fast switching languages without rebooting DriverPack
- the list of supported languages . Added new languages : Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, German, English, Spanish, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Armenian, Italian, Georgian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Albanian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese.
- determination of the exact model of laptop
- custom controls of application window
- developed a new driver indexing mechanism that allows to realize a much more accurate mechanism for the selection of drivers
- developed a new installation mechanism : now drivers are loaded / unzipped and installed in a few streams and in a certain order to guarantee proper installation.
- at the beginning of each installation DriverPack automatically creates a windows restore point
- reworked driverpacks, that allows to increas speed of drivers loading and unpacking
- new drivers ranking mechanism that considers in driver selection for a device the presence of a digital signature of a driver and statistics of successful driver installation on user's computers
- all the files and drivers now are signed with new digital signatures SHA1 and SHA2
- added new functionality!!!: DriverPack Protect – assistant for antivirus, it will protect your computer, in cases when antivirus can't help. It includes malware and adware identification, removal and blocking
- many fixes and improvements
DriverPack Solution
is suitable for all models of computers and laptops.
Asus, Acer, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba,
Fujitsu-Siemens, DELL, eMachines, MSI...
DriverPack Solution
contains the drivers for all devices.
Motherboard, Sound Card, Video Card, Network Card, Wi-Fi,
Chipset, Controller, Bluetooth, Modem, Web-camera,
Card Reader, CPU, Input Device, Monitor, Printer,
Scanner, USB, Other...
Drivers for:
Ati (Radeon), Nvidia (GeForce),
Realtek, Intel,
Amd, Atheros, Via...
Install any drivers required for 5 minutes.
For any Windows!
Supports all versions of Windows.
Suitable for all devices and laptops!
Absolutely free and safe.
Artur Kuzyakov:
Copying and uploading this torrent is not allow for it is a
Seven7i release. Permission must be obtained or else they
will be reported to a Super Moderator..
Thanks To Team DriverPack Solution:
Artur Kuzyakov- Author program
Yuri- Collects drivers
Maxim- IT activist and
Seven7i- Uploader At Safe Place
Seven7i :)
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