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Canada Over the Edge Season 3
Nature Documentary hosted by Thom Kikot, published by Arcadia Entertainment in 2014 - English narration
Season three of Canada Over the Edge flies high above the 49th parallel, exploring the spectacular scenery and fascinating stories that define our country. Starting at the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the west, the 13-part series travels more than 6,000 km as it captures an abundance of awe-inspiring vistas - the Rocky Mountains, the Alberta Badlands, the grasslands of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Shield, the St. Lawrence Seaway - and explores the cities that make up the region, from the frontier settlements that became Calgary and Regina, to the loyalist outpost of Kingston and the bastion of French culture, Quebec City. On the ground, the series reveals the unique ties between Canada and the US through the stories of the people who live along our borderlands.
1) Pacific Frontier
From the San Juan Islands of Washington State to the Kootenays in the east, we explore the pristine Pacific border region separating Canada and the United States.
2) Kootenay Border Region
Heading east from the town of Osoyoos, we soar high above the incredible landscapes along BC's Kootenay border region.
3) Continental Divide
Beginning at the US border, we explore the wonders of the continental divide, from Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park on the BC/Alberta border, to the soaring summits of Banff National Park.
4) Foothills to the Badlands
From the city of Calgary, south to the border region, and to the town of Drumheller, we explore the unique landscape and archaeology of Alberta's foothills and badlands.
5) Saskatchewan Prarie
We explore the frontier region of Saskatchewan - from the vast plateaus of Cypress Hills Provincial Park, to the incredible, undefended open prairie lining the 49th parallel.
6) Manitoba Lakes
Along the Manitoba US border, we reveal incredible landscapes - from open prairie, to the harsh Canadian Shield, and we explore stories of human migration along this wide-open frontier.
7) Superior Shield
We begin an aerial journey east, along the shores of Lake Superior, exploring the city of Thunder Bay and the vast, natural wonders of the world's largest freshwater lake
8) Huron Boundary
From high above the city of Sault Ste. Marie, we explore the rugged Lake Huron coastline and the scenic lakeside communities beyond.
9) Ontario South
We explore the rich history and landscape of the Lake Erie region, from Windsor/Detroit to the town of Port Dover and beyond.
10) Lake Ontario
From high above the roar of Niagara Falls, we begin an aerial journey east, above the waters of Lake Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area and the wonders of Thousand Islands National park.
11) International Seaway
From the Great Lakes to the historic city of Quebec, we head east on an aerial exploration of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
12) Lower Canada
From the cities of Ottawa and Montreal, we head south, exploring the international boundary that divides the province of Quebec from the United States.
13) Atlantic Frontier
From the remote border town of Pohegemanook, we trace the Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick borders, ending at the open waters of the Atlantic.

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