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CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultimate Suite Portable
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PowerDirector 13 is a video editing program capable of ingesting and processing 4K Ultra-HD
(UHD) resolution (3840 x 2160) video as well as many other common video formats. This program
will analyze, organize, and correct any imported footage for shakiness and blur. If you import
still images, PowerDirector 13 can create quick slideshows combining photos and videos.
Additionally, PowerDirector 13 is capable of syncing and editing up to 100 tracks of video. Video
processing is accelerated by the computer's GPU for reduced render time and smoother previews.
ColorDirector 3 is a program for creating and adding a particular look to your video. Using the
various templates you can create dramatic color effects or just apply a subtle grade to show a
certain mood. You can also color correct video to match footage from different camcorders.
ColorDirector 3 can also import and apply various Lookup Table (LUT) formats for source matching
and previewing.
Use AudioDirector 5 for recording and processing audio. Audio can either be recorded in
AudioDirector 5 or imported from a video that you're editing. AudioDirector includes tools to
minimize inconsistencies in your audio tracks. Single audio tracks can also be panned in a
surround sound space to create 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound mixes.
The projects generated in the PowerDirector 13 Ultimate Suite are cross-compatible between the
included programs, this allows you to transfer material between any of those programs without
having to render or export anything. For example, you can import all of your video footage to
PowerDirector 13 for editing. Then after editing the video, you can transfer that same project to
ColorDirector 3 to color correct the video. Audio from the video can be sent to AudioDirector 5
for processing, enhancement, and mixed into stereo or surround sound. Finally, everything can be
sent back and finished in PowerDirector 13 to be exported for burning onto a disk or uploaded to
the internet.
For flexibility and data backups, CyberLink includes a one year subscription to their Cloud
service. With the Cloud service, you can upload projects, templates, and settings to the cloud
and instantly have them available on another computer. You can also transfer projects and
templates to other users instead of having to render out your project and burn it on a DVD.
PowerDirector 13
4K Video Support: Videos with resolutions up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution 3840 x 2160 are supported.
100 Track Multicam Editing: Up to 100 timeline tracks can be synced using audio.
Unique Content Aware Editing: Analyzes your footage and identifies different content within those
shots such as those with faces, speech, motion, zooming, or panning. PowerDirector can then
enhance the footage using TrueTheater technology based on the content of those shots.
TrueTheater Stabilizer: Stabilizes shaky scenes using multi-axis compensation for smooth results.
Includes Effects and Templates: Hundreds of customizable effects and templates are included to
complement your video and create exciting content.
ColorDirector 3
Film-Style Grades: ColorDirector comes with presets designed to emulate the styles of well-known
films. These styles are customizable and can be saved as presets for future use.
Intelligent Motion Tracking: Tracks motion by matching image data from a selected area in a frame
to image data in each succeeding frame. With this tool you can isolate objects, accurately track
their movements so you can change or enhance their color without affecting other parts of your
HDR Video: Brings out more detail in high-contrast scenes by brightening shadowed areas for a
high-dynamic-range look.
Look-Up Table (LUT) Conversion: Apply .3dl .mga .cube and .csp LUTs
Video Split Toning: Adds color casts to shadows and highlights in video for a more dramatic
AudioDirector 5
Audio Restoration: Included in AudioDirector are tools to remove unwanted background noise, low
frequency humming, and hissing. These and other noises can be removed with a spectrum view in the
Visual Repair tool.
Audio Recording and Mixing: Record from multiple audio sources either individually or
simultaneously. The Mixer Panel can also be used for real-time manual adjustment of track volume
during playback to quickly fine tune your mix.
Surround Sound Panning: Pan the audio of a selected audio clip to any or all of the available
channels. You can do this manually or by selecting from one of the panning templates to create
dynamic 5.1/7.1 channel surround sound.
Vocal Transformer: Lets you alter existing vocals into the voice personality of your choice.
Choose from five existing presets such as man, woman, child, etc., or create your own customized
WaveEditor 2
WaveEditor a sample-level precision waveform editor with cool audio effects that allows you to
trim or enhance your tunes before adding them to your slideshow or distributing them. WaveEditor
brings several new exciting includes multi-timeline audio mixing which allows users to compose an
audio output from multiple audio tracks.
Customizable Transition Effects: When you import an image, PowerDirector will create the
transition effect based on the image you choose. You can also control the in/out speed of
transition effects with key frame tools.
Animated Titles: When customizing your titles you can assign special font face and colors,
control starting and ending effects, and use keyframes to control position, size, and opacity.
You can apply over 120 built-in video effects to your titles to make them more unique.
Animated Slideshows: PowerDirector's Theme Designer turns your videos and photos into HD animated
slideshows. Select from over 30 themes, including Travel, Wedding, Action Sports, Vacation and Photo Frames.
Particle Designer: Design particle effects using your own graphic objects and built-in animated effects.
Picture-In-Picture (PiP) Designer: Overlay animated graphics like particles and pictures on your
videos and control the in/out effects and position with the timeline interface. Motion blur can
be applied to animated static images to give a sense of movement.
Menu Designer: Customize menus with chapters, particles, and PiP objects to suit your projects.
Premium Effects Bundle:
- NewBlue Video Essential 1 and 5
- NewBlue Video Titler Pro v1
- proDAD Adorage Filter
- CyberLink Wedding Pack
- CyberLink Holiday Pack 5
- CyberLink Travel Pack 2
Round Trip Editing: PowerDirector 13 provides a complete workflow for video editing, including
color adjustment and fixing to audio restoration and editing. The three bundled applications
support round-trip editing, which means in PowerDirector you can select the footage in your
complex video projects, and pass the work-in-progress to ColorDirector and AudioDirector to
perform photo editing, color grading and audio editing tasks, then pass the adjusted result back
to PowerDirector's timeline, without having to render in advance.
Full HD Real-Time Preview: Preview HD footage in its original quality without rendering. A second
display can be used as a discrete preview monitor for better detail.
Customizable Hotkeys: Set up your own hotkeys for quick access to your most commonly used commands.
Ripple Editing: When inserting footage into your timeline, all the timeline objects will shift
out of the way based on the length of the clip you are inserting, leaving no blank space.
Smart Video Rendering Technology 3 (SVRT3): Analyzes the entire project and selects the best
rendering method to reduce hang-ups.
Multi-GPU Acceleration: Take advantage of extra graphics cards to accelerate rendering and processing speeds.
OpenCL Support: OpenCL harnesses the power of your system's GPU and greatly improves the speed of
the editing process (requires OpenCL compatible graphics card).
Format Support: Supports 4K resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 and formats like H.265 HEVC, XAVC-S,
and AVCHD 3D/Progressive.
Flexible Output: PowerDirector provides many ways to share your projects. You can publish your
videos right away to Facebook and YouTube to share with your friends and families in addition to
burning to Blu-Ray and DVD.
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