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Would you like your computer to be faster, more secure, organized and interactive? Your solution is here! Download RafaWay for Windows 10 now!! Free Now!
This text it's inside. no need to read here.
If your computer does not have RafaWay and you don’t want to install RafaWay, we recommend install in a second SSD/Hard drive, so you don’t need to reformat your computer. In order to convince you to install RafaWay, here we will give you a little bit of the functionalities without the need to reformat your computer. For example:
RafaWay Shortcut:
1). StartMenu: On ‘’RafaWay Shortcut’’ folder or zipped folder (C:\RafaWay\More or RafaWay Programs), there is varies Windows and Microsoft Office® shortcuts versions. The Microsoft Office® shortcuts only work if you have or installed the same version corresponding to the ‘’Office Shortcut RafaWay’’ within the start menu and it it’s also necessary to remove the shortcut created by Office installation. The standard M. Office® Shortcut within the RafaWay start menu is 2016. If you install an earlier version, remove the shortcut, and copy the correct shortcut version to the start menu. Use the ‘’shortcut startmenu all users’’ to open your start menu folders. Copy to the ‘’All User menu’’, so other users accounts will have the same start menu. Choose your preferred ‘’RafaWay shortcuts folders startmenu’’ and copy to your computer ‘’start menu’’
2). Quick Launch/‘’Taskbar’’: Copy the RafaWay folder to drive C:/ (recommended), go to the taskbar and click on the options/toolbar/new taskbar/ and add one of the subfolders ‘’QL’’ that you liked. Uncheck ‘’lock the taskbar’’/. Click in the ‘’two arrows’’-‘’taskbar’’ options and uncheck ‘’Show Text’’/’’show title’’.
3). Links: Copy the shortcuts of the ‘’Links’’ folder to the ‘’Links’’ folder of your computer. In Windows 10 ‘’Links’’ will not appear in the side of Windows Explorer.
4). The ‘’FirefoxPortable’’ and ‘’ThunderbirdPortable’’ highly customized it’s in RafaWay folder you copied earlier to Drive C:/, or copy it now. It has many uses, one of them is to have another Gmail account without needing logging in and logging out.
5). How to Install Firefox and Thunderbird highly customized on your computer: A). Install Firefox and Thunderbird if you don’t have it. B). Export bookmarks. C). Close Firefox and Thunderbird.
Attention: Firefox and Thunderbird cannot be opened until you have finished all operations. Although writing the Firefox and Thunderbird in one text, Firefox folder must be copied to another Firefox referent, and the Thunderbird folder should be copied to another Thunderbird referent folder. We recommend to complete one program processes before beginning the other. It’s your choice if you want to install both (Firefox and Thunderbird) or just one of them.
D) Cut all subfolder profile files with similar name "n2qigvhv.default" which is found in: C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles Or use the shortcut ‘’Profile Firefox’’ and ‘’Profile Thunderbird’’
Create two folders BackupOldFireFox, BackupOldThunderbird and Paste the files.
E) Copy the profile files of the portable version: RafaWay\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile
Paste in the profile subfolder with the similar name of "n2qigvhv.default" which is found in:
C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles
In case the bookmarks you exported previously are yours, import now.
It should be noted that the Firefox® browser no longer asks you to confirm a given download before it begins; it starts automatically. All downloads are stored in the same location, your computer’s “Downloads” folder. Be mindful that it is always wise to DELETE WITHOUT OPENING any unrecognized files that appear in this folder. Such downloads may have occurred without your knowledge or consent. These may contain viruses or other malware.
The “JDownloader®” program is a good download manager, although it does not work perfectly. For example, rather than launch immediately, it can take more than 10 seconds to open. Additionally, for various reasons, it is not the default download manager of any browser. However, you can manually configure the Firefox® browser to integrate JDownloader® with the FlashGot add-on (an add-on is a small application that functions inside of another program). for JDownloader® to execute file downloads and downloads of streaming videos. However, before executing downloads, you will need to open JDownloader® one time manually
How to use FlashGot:
How to use JDownloader®:
For more information about FlashGot and download manager integration, click on
Some websites do not allow the use of external download managers. Accordingly, there may be occasions when you will not be able to execute certain downloads with an external download manager. In such instances, your solution will be to use another browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer®. Another option would be to disable Firefox®’s download manager through the FlashGot add-on.
To make your navigation faster and not waste time downloading pages, make Firefox® open all links in tabs by launching Firefox® and then selecting “Add-ons,” and, then, “Extensions.” In the “Tab Mix Plus” option, select “Options” and, then, click on “Links” and select “Force to open in new tab” and tick the “All links” box.
To prevent a tab from changing after it has been opened, click on “Events” in “Open tabs from” and select all options. Then, go to “Focus/Select tabs that open from” and untick all option boxes.
As the browser is set to open only a single window, if you would like to change this, disable “Enable single window mode.”
Pop-ups are configured to “Open all popups in tabs.” Should a given page not open in Firefox®, try using a different web browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer®. Alternatively, you can opt to enable the “Allow all popups” option.
Startup Programs
If you always use, for example, Firefox® and Thunderbird®, and you do not want to waste time opening them each time you boot your computer, simply include them as part of your computer’s boot processes by opening the “Startup” folder and copying the shortcuts you want.
Many other features you can import, use your creativity and knowledge or buy the complete tutorial or Install RafaWay for Windows !
To continue releasing new versions with more improvements and
facilities of RafaWay for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Redstone, RafaWay Programs and tutorials, we need your
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Any questions, email or call us! Google and YouTube: RafaWay or RafaWay00
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