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Early Music CDs version 3.
Ripped from CD, CD booklets scanned and edited, and released by Spica-Starhome.
A Laurel for Landini by Gothic Voices (Spica and Sirius-Starhome)
At the Sign of the Crumhorn by Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense (Spica-Starhome)
Carmina Burana (Medieval poems and songs) by Ensemble Unicorn and Oni Wytars (Spica-Starhome)
Claudio Monteverdi: Madrigals Book 1 by Delitiae Musicae and Marco Longhini (Spica-Starhome)
Codex Faenza: Instrumental Music of the Early 15th Century by Ensemble Unicorn and Michael Posch (Spica and Sirius-Starhome)
Guillaume Du Fay: Dufay and the Court Of Savoy by Andrew Kirkman and the Binchois Consort (Spica-Starhome)
Guillaume Du Fay: Mass for St. Anthony of Padua by Pomerium (Spica-Starhome)
Les Plaisirs Du Palais by Ensemble Clement Janequin, dir. Dominique Visse (Spica-Starhome)
Missa Caput and the Story of the Salve Regina by Gothic Voices (Spica-Starhome)
Musica Reservata: Secret Music for Albrecht V by Profeti della Quinta and Dolce Risonanza (Spica-Starhome)
Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore by Westra Aros Pijpare et al. (Spica-Starhome)
Scattered Rhymes by the Orlando Consort and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (Spica-Starhome)
Stylems: Italian Music from the Trecento by Ensemble Syntagma (Spica-Starhome)
The A-La-Mi-Re Manuscripts by Capilla Flamenca (Spica-Starhome)
The Music of the Fourteenth Century Vol. 3: I Am Music (Spica and Sirius-Starhome)
The Second Circle by Anonymous 4 (Spica and Sirius-Starhome)
The Sport of Love: Songs of Love and the Hunt from the Renaissance and Middle Ages by Musica Antigua de Albuquerque (Spica and Sirius-Starhome)
The World of Early Music (Spica and Sirius-Starhome)
Wildflowers by Judy Collins (Spica-Starhome)
Here are all the CDs of early music that I've ripped, scanned, edited, etc. to date. (Judy Collins' "Wildflowers" is included because of her performance of Landini's "Lasso! Di Donna".) Enjoy!
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