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I aim for this torrent to be the first in my ongoing collection of Batman/DC/Comics stuff which will be:
Every Single Batman & Batfamily Comic (this torrent)
Every Single Batman & Batfamily TEAM Comic (I'm working on this right now)
Every Single Batman & Batfamily Movie
Every Single Batman & Batfamily TV Show
Every Single Batman & Batfamily Videogame
Every Single Batman & Batfamily Soundtrack/OST
Every Single Marvel Movie PreMCU
Every Single DC Movie PreDCEU
First of all, I would like to clarify that I haven’t scanned nor ripped a single comic in this torrent, all the credit goes to the original uploaders (which I will list later), I just put them all together in the same folder in an organized way.
The torrent is this huge and heavy because every time I could find a digital rip instead of an image scan, I opted for the digital one (bigger, but much better quality)
This torrent contains… Every single comic where a Bat-Family member a Bat-Villains or just some other crazy dude wandering around Gotham is a protagonist until June 1st 2016. You WON’T find simple cameos. I single checked every comic from this Wikipedia article, plus adding A LOT of other titles that weren’t on the article
Who is featured in this torrent?
The usual BatFamily Members such as:
The Robins, The Batgirls, Batwoman, The Huntress
The usual BatVillains who had their own series such as:
The Joker, Anarky, Poison Ivy, Solomon Grundy, The Creeper, Ragman
Some more obscure characters more tangentally related to the BatUniverse and/or Gotham such as:
The All Star Western characters, the Black Canary, Katana, Zatanna, Talon
And many many many more! This are just examples but, if you look deeply into the folders you will find more and more characters
The original uploaders were (mainly) Joshua13 (in his AMAZING MTCDC, which stands for More Than Complete DC [Chronology]), Nemesis43, who uploads EVERY SINGLE WEEK every comic released (Marvel, DC), Ocdreader, Ichiroyoung, Ichiro89 and Mirromaster82 and Darkhomr. The comics that didn’t come from them (roughly a 20%) came from different sources (mainly torrents, but also a lot of single websites), which I can’t recall, as I had my own collection before deciding to upload them.
I accept any type of requests, as long as they are Batman related. Particular storylines, a missing character, a movie, a tv show, anything. Just send a PM, write it on my wall or find me on reddit at u/BaraBatman
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