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Mandriva Linux 2010.0 *RC2*
Edition: One GNOME Africa Asia

Languages in *this* One:

Afrikaans (af)
Amharic (am)
Arabic (ar)
Assamese (as)
Berber (ber)
Bengali (bn)
Hausa (ha)
Hebrew (he)
Hindi (hi)
Indonesian (id)
Igbo (ig)
Japanese (ja)
Kannada (kn)
Korean (ko)
Malayalam (ml)
Marathi (mr)
Punjabi (gurmukhi) (pa_IN)
Tamil (ta)
Thai (th)
Tswana (tn)
Tsonga (ts)
Venda (ve)
Vietnamese (vi)
Xhosa (xh)
Yoruba (yo)
Zulu (zu)

Mandriva is a powerful Linux distro with easy to use yet powerful tools to suit both beginners and experienced users. It have very good hardware support, broad language support, lots of applications, and good forum community support the user.
It comes in several "tastes", for install, "live CD use", or ready virtual machine, se below.

RC2 information:
§ Do not use this RC2 version to upgrade an existing Mandriva Linux installation.
§ Final design is still not integrated.
The usual: WARNING, these development versions may wreck your files, etc -although now at RC2 it works very good for most people.

Also see the official blog: [url]


PLEASE HELP SEEDING a cuple weeks after download if you have the possibility. -I have only little bandwidth.

These are development releases; I will stop seeding when final is uploaded here or officially released.

* Official releases torrents are hosted by Mandriva * - see their website

Mandriva community seed these alpha, beta, RC torrents
- Because:
- So:

__Install from USB stick possible__
Instead fo burning these files to CD/DVD it is now possible to put them om a USB stick.
It do not work by simply copying, you must put it as image, i suggest the command dd. (If you do not know what I talk about, do no? try.)
Some people find mandriva_seed better:

[color=blue]About what variant - edition of same Mandriva version - to choose In short:

_free_ install DVD, no proprietary software.
two versions, for i586 and x86-64 respectively

_dual_ install CD for both architectures, limited in packages of course. Rest is installed from internet during or after installation.

_One_ Live CD to test it out without installation. Also included are a non-free drivers for some graphics and WiFI etc. You may also install from this CD, but it is more afterwork cleaning up what you do not want and add what you want, than using the other choices.
Languages in the different Ones: see the corresponding *.lang file in ftp directory or inside torrent.
Due to restricted space on a CD, One is available in several language 'flavors' and KDE _or_ GNOME desktops. ( Mandriva Linux is available in about 70 different languages. The Free and Powerpack editions contain all of these localizations. ) New is the Moblin variant for palmtop computers.

_VirtualBox image_ *New format for mandriva* tar.bz2 compressed image for VirtualBox

...Plus 2 Commercial versions (no torrents here) -get official versions from Mandriva site:
Powerpack is commercial: DVD like free plus proprietary drivers, codecs and some other stuff.
This is the pay-for version only to be hosted by Mandriva.
Sure you can manually add most software from differentplaces but this is a really nice piece.
Buying the Powerpack box or subscription is a great way to support Mandriva. -Also programmers need food...

Flash is like One, but is a USB stick where you also can keep your files, see mandriva website. Limited language choice.

Mandriva website:

How to start:
-and browse and ask on forums

Mandriva forums:
...and probably a lot more i don? know of...
___some more links at:

Now have a great time! /Morgan Leijström, Sweden
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