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I’m creating this torrent halfway out of spite, because I think PrintRoot is a great resource for fonts and other graphicables… but their moderators are a collection of retarded, homosexual Nazis. I joined their forums and attempted to contribute stuff I had, trying my hardest to follow their silly post rules, and they rewarded my efforts by banning me with no explanation… twice. Now I just fly under the radar and download fonts without thanking the uploaders, since that’s apparently the kind of scum to which they would like me reduced. They still arbitrarily deduct posts from my overall post count like little passive-aggressive faggots, but no matter: I figured out a way to bypass their bullshit hidden post links with minimal effort and downloaded a slew of fonts.
tl;dr: I put up with PrintRoot’s eye-rolling gaytarded bullshit and collected a ton of great fonts, so you don’t have to.
As far as the font collection is concerned, I don’t have time to organize the plethora of awesome shit enclosed in this torrent, and many of the rars aren’t labeled appropriately, but you will NOT be disappointed by what you find. Lots of hard-to-find/expensive shit, suitable for any designer. Many of them are password protected (keeping in line with the homoerotic tendencies of PR) but the pass is ready for you on a text file. Enjoy.
Remember, if you use a font on a commercial project, SUPPORT THE DESIGNER and buy the font!
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