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The Sound of Space
Everyone knows what we mean when we say “the sounds of nature.” Rain and thunder, birds, wind, water, crickets etc.. But it isn’t enough to just re-create the sound. All these sounds take place in unique and interesting spaces. We can hear these spaces. The sound waves that are created by the wildlife in the space bounce and reflect off all the other objects in the space. This is known as reverberation. We can detect whether we are in an open field or a canyon based on the direction, amount and type of echoes we hear. That is also why we can’t accurately recreate the space using speakers indoors; we can hear the sound reflecting off the walls so we know that we are inside. A 10x19x8 ft. indoor forest is simply not realistic enough; we can all tell the difference. Through the use of headphones, however, we can eliminate the problem of sound bouncing off the walls. The sound goes right to your ears. The accurate reproduction of spatial information generates activity in the brain that does not occur with conventional stereo recordings.
Our recordings stimulate not only your conscious mind, but your subconscious; the part of you that is responsible for dreaming, memory, and... your heartbeat and breathing. Our intent is not to bring you just the sound of a loon, but the re-creation in your mind of the space that the loon was in, as the sound of the loon’s call cascades across the shoreline of the lake and reflects off the trees on the other side and back again. Not just the sound of wings flapping, but the re-creation in your mind of the bird passing from the right, to directly overhead and slightly behind you, to the left and then forward across the lake. The human ear-brain mechanism can accurately interpret these sounds with vivid accuracy. Our recording techniques can accurately capture them. With a good pair of headphones and closed eyes, the final re-creation at the listener’s brain can impart a true sensation of being transported. We refer to it as the “being there” experience.
Because human beings are so visually dominant, we can’t help but visualize the soundscape. Sometimes this synesthesia goes even further, where the sound of a winter forest wind on a bitterly cold day creates a sense of chill in the room, the summer crickets recall the feel of the sun on your face. The thoughts that come to you, the feelings and memories that are stirred, the place you create in your mind based on our auditory stimulus... it is you... it is your creation... and you are the only one that can create it. In the eyes of the mind, you are what you see. And because you are making it, it transcends the word re-creation. It becomes a truly unique and personal creation involving the deepest parts of your mind.
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