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Passive Prosperity Forever Your Passive Income Guide to Guaranteed Financial Security
Passive Prosperity Forever: Your Passive Income Guide to Guaranteed Financial Security
2016 | EPUB | 202 pages | ASIN: B01EQKPL3U | English | 0.9 MB
Would you like to make more money? Would you like to join the thousands of individuals who have created successful on-line businesses? If so, your timing could not be better! The Internet has certainly sparked an incredible revolution in opening up business opportunities for millions of people around the world. This is one of the most exciting times to start a business because it's possible to launch your new money-making enterprise with little more than a laptop. And this is the purpose of this incredibly useful 'How To' guide for the aspiring on-line entrepreneur.
There are many ways to set up in business on the Internet and this guide has been designed by a highly-experienced on-line entrepreneur to share the secrets of maximising your success in your new digital business. Why make the costly and unnecessary mistakes that usually accompany any new business venture? This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to make your business successful at the earliest possible moment. The author explains the mechanics of choosing your new business, setting up your systems for marketing your products or services and automating the process so that it creates the advantage of a passive income. Bliss!
In addition to examining the worlds of product sales and marketing services, the author discusses the mechanics of writing and publishing your own books. This has become incredibly popular since the introduction of KDP but there are still rules and techniques that must be applied if your books are going to achieve meaningful sales. In addition to a wealth of helpful material, the guide explores:
• How to decide which business is best for you
• The major - and avoidable - mistakes that every new on-line entrepreneur seems to make
• The advantages of Fulfilment by Amazon as a product platform
• Pitching your prices at the right level
• Marketing via social media
• Promoting other peoples' products
• The power of successful Blogging and offering free advice
• How to create successful manuscripts for KDP
• Writing for profit
• The practicalities of Website Hosting
• Expanding your mailing list
• Developing automatic systems to create passive income streams
It is surely a very attractive proposition to earn money whilst you're fast asleep in your bed but that's the point of creating passive income via an on-line business. Once the system is set up and functioning properly, its purpose is to deliver a predictable income stream to you every month. Passive income has become the touch stone of many Internet businesses and the fact that you can access the entire globe with your products and services creates an incredible opportunity to channel money into your bank account every single month. If there is one simple, single way to raise your standard of living and create more time for you spend on the things that you consider to be truly worthwhile, this has to be the answer: the power of passive income and the vast opportunities that the Internet has bestowed upon all of us.
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