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Renaissance - The Mix Collection [Sasha + John Digweed] [1994] [FLAC] BSW
Track List:
01. Leftfield / Song For Life (Lemon Interupt Mix) 05:26
02. Leftfield / Song For Life (Dub For Life Mix) 04:02
03. Leftfield / Song For Life (Steppin Razor Mix) 02:16
04. Bedrock / For What You Dream (Full On Renaissance Mix) 06:19
05. Rhythm Invention / Chronoclasm 02:37
06. Disco Evangelists / De Niro (Spaceflight Remix) 06:06
07. Memphisto / State Of Mind (Quite Mix) 01:43
08. Moonchild / V.O.A.T. (Original Mix) 05:28
09. Sunscreem / Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix) 10:09
10. River Ocean / Love & Happiness (Junior Boys Own Super Dub) 04:27
11. That Kid Chris / Keep On Pressin' On (Didn't I Show You Luv Mix) 05:48
12. Remake Inner City / Bladerunner 'Til We Meet Again (Brothers In Rhythm Perkappella) 04:24
13. Bump / House Stompin' (Big Bump Mix) 07:02
14. F.Machine / Child Bride (Feedback Mad Mix) 04:28
15. M-People / Rennaissance (John Digweeds Full On Mix) 07:41
01. Fluke / Slide (PDF Mix) 04:43
02. Funk Machine / Lets Get This Party Started (Party Mix) 05:20
03. Fluke / Slide (Scat & Frenzy) 05:01
04. Corrado / Trust (Pink Mix) 05:03
05. DjMBG / Trance 1 (Oriental Psycho Estmix) 02:01
06. Hysterix / Talk To Me (Sasha`s Full Master Mix) 06:59
07. Annadin / Angel 07:23
08. Virtualmismo / Mismoplastico (Dirtysyncomix) 03:29
09. Virtualmismo / Mismoplastico (Original Remix) 05:31
10. Fishbone Beat / Always (Psychedelic Martini Mix) 03:39
11. State Of Grace / Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix) 05:48
12. Secret Life / She Holds The Key (HALE I`m a Believer Mix) 04:15
13. Funtopia / Do You Wanna Know (Drum Cut Mix) 05:07
14. V.F.R. / Trancellusion (Original Mix) 03:16
15. Kym Mazelle / Was That All It Was (Def Mix) 07:07
01. M-People / How Can I Love You More (QAT Mix) 07:20
02. Moby / Go (Nightime Mix) 05:19
03. Jaco / Show Some Love (Original Dub) 06:38
04. Spooky / Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) 06:20
05. Havana / Sublime Theme (Dub) 03:48
06. Shawn Christopher / Another Sleepless Night (Bassman Mix) 04:17
07. Unity 3 / Age Of Love (Trance Dub & Fantasy Mix) 04:48
08. EMF / They're Here (D-Ream Dream) 06:10
09. Solar Plexus / Solar Plexus 03:31
10. Havana / Ethic Prayer (Euro Mix) 05:32
11. 2 Bad Mice / Bombscare 03:32
12. Age Of Love / Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Mix) 06:14
13. My Friend Sam Feat. Viola Wills / It's My Pleasure (Club Mix) 05:24
14. Lemon Interupt / Dirty 04:03
Sasha + John Digweed Profile
By the end of the 1990s, Sasha and John Digweed had become two of the
most recognized DJs in the world. A widespread interest in a style of up-tempo electronic
music laden in synth melodies and pumping beats known as trance (or less frequently as
progressive trance) propelled the British DJs to worldwide fame along with peers such as
Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold. As trance began to hit its peak, both DJs began to diversify
their track selection in an effort to avoid being pigeonholed as specifically trance DJs.
Whereas their early mix CDs defined the sound of trance for the mid-'90s, they soon took the
position as two of the genre's leaders, continually focusing on the latest records and evolving
sounds of producers such as Breeder while staying true to their musical roots.
Before they became pinups for the trance generation, the two had already been successful
DJs and -- to a lesser degree -- producers. Their famed partnership began in 1993 while both
were spinning at the Manchester club Renaissance. As the two DJs began to hone their mixing
and improve their track selections, increasing numbers of clubbers began to spread the word
about the duo's music. Sasha + Digweed released a mix album titled Renaissance in 1994 and
began their steady rise to fame. It wasn't until the 1996 release of Northern Exposure that Sasha
+ Digweed began to truly be acknowledged as superstar DJs. The album's success led
to several increasingly successful sequels (Expeditions, Communicate) that defined the sound
of trance in the late '90s, paralleling the Global Underground and Tranceport series
in terms of popularity.
In the late '90s, the two DJs began their invasion of the U.S. with a high-profile monthly residency
at Twilo in New York City, along with more mix CDs as individuals. In addition to the residency,
the duo sporadically toured the U.S. and found themselves the topic of many articles and cover
stories in magazines such as Urb and Mixer. An extensive tour of the U.S. in 2000 to support
Communicate only solidified their status as two of the most loved (and despised) DJs in the world.
As if their reputation as the world's most famous tag-teaming DJs wasn't enough, Sasha + Digweed
also produce their own music and are recognized as prized remixers. Sasha's Xpander EP showcased
his knack for creating some of the best trance epics the genre has ever seen, while his remix of the
Chemical Brothers' "Out of Control" re-established his role as a talented remixer. Similarly, Digweed
occasionally produces music as Bedrock, scoring an enormous hit with his anthem "Heaven Scent."
While the two DJs increasingly focused on production and retaining their status as superstars,
they slowly began to drift apart, appearing less frequently as a duo. Sasha continued work on a
long-awaited solo album, and Digweed focused on his Bedrock club night in the U.K.
Audio Information, Torrent File Contents And Specifications
Artist / Group: Sasha + John Digweed
Genre: Electronic / Dance / Progressive House / Progressive Trance
Albums Release Years: 1994
Number of CD's: 3
Number of Tracks: 44
Label: 6 x 6 Records ?– RenMix 1CD and Renaissance ?– RenMix 1CD
Total Playing Time: 3 Hours, 45 Minutes and 56 Seconds (225 Minutes)
Audio File Format: FLAC Lossless
Codec Version: reference libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125
Encoding Bit Rate (Average): 962 kbps
Number of Audio Channels: 2 (Normal Stereo)
Audio Quality: 16bit / 44,100 KHz
Audio Files Source: Original Compact Disc's
Converter / Encoder (From CD): EAC V1.1
Audio File ID Tag Format: VorbisComment
Tag Editor: Mp3tag v2.58
Image Files: Front and Back Album Covers (embedded artwork within audio files)
Additional Files: LOG, CUE, MD5, FFP, M3U, foo dr and Track List
Total File Size: 1.53 GB
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