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This game looks great. Play it on your HDTV and it will look good, play it on CRT it will look fantastic!
Great game by EA BIG
The sequel to the PlayStation's first snowmobile racing game, Sled Storm combines the ability to perform aerial tricks with arcade-style racing down a series of seven snow- and ice-covered courses. As in previous games in the EA Sports Big lineup, performing tricks earns players points used to unlock characters and acquire speed boosts. The eight male and female characters have varying trick abilities and they each have distinct snowmobiles, or "sleds," individually rated in acceleration, top speed, handling, and stability. New sleds for each character can be earned by placing first on the majority of courses.
Modes of play include Single Race on any of the unlocked courses, Multi-Player for a split-screen challenge against a friend, Time Trial, Practice, Championship, and Rival Challenge. Championship is the primary mode in which players unlock courses, characters, and up to five classes of sleds. Each course is raced against five computer opponents in a series of three laps. Players need to finish in a specific position to advance to the next track or achieve a certain point total to unlock one of the characters (only three of which are initially playable). Once a character completes the Championship, the Rival Challenge mode is revealed.
GameSpy 8.1/10
GameZone 7/10
IGN 8.5/10
Play 8/10
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