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Songs of The Civil War (1991) Compilation [Columbia] MP3 Audio
Album: Songs of the Civil War
Compilation Album by Various Artists
Year: 1991
Released Date: August 13, 1991
Genre: Traditional, Folk, Americana
Length: 1:09:53
Label: Columbia
Catalog: CK-48607
Format: CD (One Disc)
Track Listing: 25 Digital Audio Tracks . Duration: 01:09:53
01. "Ashokan Farewell" Jay Ungar and Molly Mason 4:11
02. "No More Auction Block For Me" Sweet Honey in the Rock 5:30
03. "Lincoln and Liberty" Ronnie Gilbert 2:12
04. "Dixie's Land" United States Military Academy Band[4] 1:17
05. "The Southern Soldier Boy" Kathy Mattea 2:36
06. "Aura Lee" John Hartford 1:28
07. "Rebel Soldier" Waylon Jennings 3:30
08. "Follow the Drinking Gourd" Richie Havens 3:25
09. "Battle Hymn of the Republic" Judy Collins 2:17
10. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" United States Military Academy Band 2:13
11. "Was My Brother in the Battle?" Kate and Anna McGarrigle 3:43
12. "The Yellow Rose of Texas" Hoyt Axton 2:15
13. "Run, Mourner, Run" Sweet Honey in the Rock 2:44
14. "Give Us a Flag" Richie Havens 2:39
15. "The Secesh (Shiloh)" John Hartford 2:55
16. "Somebody's Darling" Kathy Mattea 4:12
17. "An Old Unreconstructed" Waylon Jennings 1:52
18. "Vacant Chair" Kathy Matea 4:12
19. "Better Times Are Coming" Kate and Anna McGarrigle 1:46
20. "Lorena" John Hartford 4:44
21. "Marching Through Georgia" (by Henry Clay Work, 1865)) Jay Ungar & Molly Mason 3:01
22. "Hard Times Come Again No More" (originally by Stephen Foster, 1854)) Kate and Anna McGarrigle 2:27
23. "Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel" Hoyt Axton 1:54
24. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" Ronnie Gilbert 1:51
25. "Taps" Staff Sgt. Steve Luck United States Army Band 0:59
Songs of The Civil War
Product Description
Inspired by the successful Civil War documentary from Ken Burns, this powerful soundtrack tackles many diverse musical styles from traditional folk and bluegrass to black gospel and outlaw country.
From – Review by Steven Stolder
Prompted by the success Ken Burns's popular Civil War documentary (which spawned its own soundtrack), Songs of the Civil War presents an eclectic assortment of contemporary performers tackling period pieces that date back to the War Between the States. Here's Sweet Honey in the Rock tackling the slave lament "No More Auction Block for Me," Judy Collins singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic," and Kate and Anna McGarrigle essaying the lovely (and very suitable) "Hard Times Come Again No More." Between performances by name artists (Kathy Mattea, Waylon Jennings, and Richie Havens among them), instrumentals performed by the U.S. Military Academy Band provide a sense of time and place.
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Songs of the Civil War is a compilation album, released in 1991 by Columbia, that presents an assortment of contemporary performers recording period pieces and traditional songs that date back to the American Civil War.
Chris Anderson – Engineer
Hoyt Axton – Vocals, Performer
Margaret Bailey – Vocals
Dale Ballinger – Vocals
Kris Ballinger – Vocals
Russ Barenberg – Guitar, Mandolin
Ysaye Barnwell – Vocals, Shekere
Jerry Bridges – Piano
Jim Brown – Producer
Ken Burns – Producer
Jesse Carr – Vocals
Nitanju Bolade Casel – Vocals, Shekere
The Cluster Pluckers – Vocals
Judy Collins – Vocals, Performer
William R. Cooley – Guitar (acoustic)
Don Devito – Producer
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Frank Dubuy – Conductor, Musical Consultant
Craig Duncan And The Smoky Mountain Band – Dulcimer (hammer)
Stuart Duncan – Mandolin
Mark Ferguson – Engineer
Fiddle Fever – Performer
Ronnie Gilbert – Vocals, Performer
Matt Glaser – Fiddle, Violin
Yasmeen Graham – Tambourine, Vocals
Jeff Hale – Drums
Evelyn Harris – Vocals
Jamie Hartford – Mandolin
John Hartford – Banjo, Violin, Arranger, Vocals, Performer, Musical Consultant
Richie Havens – Guitar, Vocals, Performer
Mark Howard – Guitar
Roy M. "Junior" Husky – Bass
Sfc Dave Hydock – Engineer
Waylon Jennings – Guitar, Arranger, Vocals, Performer
Pat Jerina – Design
Aisha Kahlil – Vocals, Shekere
Dane Lanken – Vocals
Arthur Levy – Liner Notes
Nicky Lindeman – Art Direction
Larry Loewinger – Engineer
Staff Sgt. Steve Luck – Trumpet
Molly Mason – Bass, Piano, Vocals, Performer, Musical Consultant
Kathy Mattea – Guitar, Vocals, Performer
Anna Mcgarrigle – Piano, Accordion, Vocals
Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle – Performer
Kate Mcgarrigle – Guitar (electric), Vocals
Libby Mclaren – Piano
Peter Miller – Liner Notes
John Mock – Guitar, Whistle (instrument)
Sgt. Paul Murtha – Arranger
Bernice Johnson Reagon – Arranger, Vocals, Shekere, Musical Consultant
Johnny Rosen – Engineer, Mixing
Carol Ross – Post Production
Lisa Silver – Vocals
Alan Silverman – Engineer, Mixing
Evan Stover – Fiddle, Vocals
Sweet Honey In The Rock – Performer
Jay Ungar – Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals, Performer, Musical Consultant
The United States Military Academy Band – Performer
Martha Wainwright – Vocals
Rufus Wainwright – Vocals, Performer
Barry Walsh – Guitar
Curtis Young – Vocals
Joel Zifkin – Violin
Mike Zook – Engineer, Mxing
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