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SUPERNATURAL gaat over de broers Winchester die het bovennatuurlijke
kwaad bestrijden.
Ze nemen hierbij de taak van hun vader John over,
die hiermee begonnen is om de dood van zijn vrouw te wreken.
hun vader groeien Sam en Dean op als demonenjagers. In elke aflevering
lossen Dean en Sam een mysterie op door met een bovennatuurlijke
tegenstander af te rekenen.
Mysteries draaien meestal om kwaadaardige
geesten, maar ook vampiers, weerwolven en andere demonen moeten worden
Supernatural is an American series of the channel The WB. The series premiered on september 13, 2005.
Supernatural is about the brothers Winchester that the supernatural combat evil. They take on the task of their father John, who started to avenge the death of his wife.
Thanks to their father grow Sam and Dean as demons hunters.
In each episode resolve Dean and Sam on a mystery opponent by with a supernatural.
Mysteries usually rotate but also malicious spirits, vampires, werewolves and other demons must be defeated.
Mysteries are set by heelAmerika.
This means that each episode is in another city or village, what the series gives an extra dimension.
Because Dean has fear of flying, driving the brothers per car from city to city. Dean's 67 Chevy Impala is therefore, after his brother Sam, the most precious in his life.
Each episode is a self-contained story, but also contributes to the longer storyline of each season.
So runs the first season for example, killing the demon with the yellow eyes.
Some episodes deal with well-known American urban legends such as the fifth episode Bloody Mary or the seventh episode Hookman
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