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Have you been trying to learn Excel in the past and
found it to be difficult? Looking for an Excel
course for beginners where you can learn everything
about basics of excel so that you do not have to
enroll for different courses for different topics?
This online course is something for you
If you are an office administrator, you probably use Excel
Ditto if you are a salesman. If you are a financial analyst, of
course, you need Excel. For these and many other professions
working with spreadsheets is an essential tool in the daily
In the 22 lectures with 1.5 hours of contents you will learn
basic techniques from the very begining of customizing, creating
modifying worksheets to named ranges, flash fill
performing calculations and changing workbook
There are exercise files at the end of every
lecture so that you do not only learn excel but
master it, by practicing exercises!
Whether you use Excel for work or study, these tutorials will
start you on your journey to becoming an Excel Ninja!
Best part about this course is that all the lectures are explained
step by step and are to the point. And thats why none of the
lectures are too lengthy to make you bore
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