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Install instructions:
1. Download and unzip
2. Run "StartTerraria.exe"
3. Play
Change log:
Living leaf walls now count as safe for housing!
Buffed Phantasm a bit (it really was bugged!)
Martian drone rarity lowered in sky biome (Still higher than original) , now shows up on rare creature finder info
Vortex and Nebula weapons have been rebalanced to fit some bug fixes they went through
Added Celestial Sigil, a summoning item for the final boss (craftable)
Portal gun bolt speed quadrupled so you can no longer travel faster than your bolt
Eater of Worlds expert mode vile spit damage nerfed heavily
Damage from hurting tiles now has checks for immunity separately from other effects
Fixed Quickstack to all chests not updating recipes list
Fixed "Distorted" debuff freezing players in place rather than changing their movement pattern (sorry!)
Fixed Cute Fishron and Unicorn mounts not having their tooltips
Fixed and earlier versions of worlds not loading successfully under certain circumstances (sorry! again!)
Fixed issue where you could use items when hovering between the item slots on the bottom row of the inventory
Fixed issue where Drill Containment Unit's mining code would cause unnecessary lag in multiplayer
Fixed Cultists ritual blocking Martian Probe from spawning
Fixed Stardust Dragon desync issue
Fixed solar tablet being usable in pre-hardmode, night time or during a solar eclipse under rare circumstances
Fixed some banner names
Fixed dryad's ward buff reducing npc defense instead of buffing it (and npcs having dryads ward defense when they dont have the buff)
Fixed (super rare) bug where hittable projectiles showed HP on mouse hover
Fixed portal gun's portals not allowing players to teleport to spots near nonsolid platforms
Fixed Cosmic Car shadow trail glows not fading
Fixed hades/lokis dyes causing strange behaviors
Fixed some oddities about portal gates
Fixed a rare lighting crash
Fixed goblin scouts dispawning not spawning (or rather, despawning super fast)
Fixed vortex weapons not scaling with ranged damage or knockback (or stealth, or anything, sorry!)
Fixed bug that let you quick stack coins that were not in coin slot or hotbar to other chests
Fixed bug where holding pet items would not bring up the equipment page
Fixed torch dupe bug
Fixed all the spider hitboxes when on walls
Fixed chests which turn into big mimics on multiplayer would no longer allow destroying another chest that would be placed in their position
Fixed 'final boss flies to space' bug
Fixed Seedler projectiles not counting as melee / not getting flask effects
Fixed hoplite enemy javelins showing flask visual effects in singleplayer
Fixed issue where WoF's 'The Hungry''s ropes would turn invisible
Fixed Lunar Hook not allowing you to use the hooks freely unless at least 1 is placed
Fixed being able to open money trough when the game is paused
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