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Fresh off his "separation" from SiriusXM, Anthony Cumia, formerly of The Opie and Anthony Show launches his live, uncensored HD video webcast at Monday-Thursday 4pm-6pm EST. Current events, politics, news and anything can and will be discussed with celebrity guests and comedians stopping by as well. This show is not for those who are inclined to be "politically correct" and will contain boundary-pushing language and topics. Proceed with caution...
Episode 194 "Back from Hawaii": TACS is FINALLY back and Anthony kicks off Monday telling us about the flight he took to Hawaii, his Maui vacation, and the island people. We then get into the drought in California and Tom Selleck’s involvement, the show Ben did over the break, we learn about a few new banned guests at the compound, get a studio update, and hear from the callers. Ant then talks about El Chapo’s escape from prison, drug cartels, threats against Donald Trump, the presidential polls, a ridiculous and random shooting in San Francisco, and a caller discusses the illegals he deals with in Texas. Ant recaps an old story told by Mars on O&A, talks about securing the American border, gets into the latest with Amy Schumer, calls out bullshit outrage and lazy bloggers, reads a news story on Big Jay Oakerson (you go, boy!), and we see a rather sexy video from LOS. Ant chats about the upcoming roast of Big Jay, NASA's New Horizons probe doing a flyby on Pluto, plays a “making of” clip from J.J. Abrams’s Star Wars, reads an article about a drone love story, one on California grounding drones, we go through a few (very few) athletic Jews, find out why lesbians are fat, and Ant breaks down gay body types and ideal gays. Today’s show ends with the trailer from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and briefly talking about Jared Fogle, the confederate flag, Bill Cosby’s BBQ sauce, a secret camera in Starbucks, a 911 call from a flea market, “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” and a horse fucker.
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