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Thanks to TheCthulhu for helping host the files.
This torrent contains roughly 335,750 pages of Time Magazine issues ranging from 1923 through 2014, as taken from the server. The collection is only as complete as Time Magazine’s and as noted on their server, the complete archive is still in progress. Most issues are included.
No files or pages have been removed or altered - the files are exactly the same as he names have been changed from the useless ones used on the file server to a “[Issue date] page [#]” format, which should make it much easier to navigate the archive.
Why grab these files and release them?
1. They’re a useful research tool with a lot of historical news and cultural information. They should be freely viewable online as they would in a well-stocked library, however most libraries lack this complete a collection of Time Magazine back-issues.
2. The search tools on their website for the subscription service don’t work properly, nor did Time’s customer service seem to care when I reported the issue to them.
3. Fxck paywalls.
4. I was bored on Saturday.
In anticipation of copyright claims, take down notices and potential lawsuits, the files are being given to TheCthulhu (AKA @CthulhuSec) to distribute. Please consider supporting him:
Giving the files to TheCthulhu to distribute is not an attempt at anonymity, however. I believe it’s important to, whenever possible, stand by one’s actions and take responsibility for them. If there are consequences for this, I won’t hide from them - but the files will remain in circulation.
It will take time and a great deal of computing power, but I hope to be able to later release the issues in PDF format after running text recognition on them.
Please seed widely and share freely.
Michael Best
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