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The Vaughn sisters grew up in a great family, and by all accounts, lived a wonderful life. To most people, raising three daughters and running a brothel wasn’t a proper upbringing, especially for girls. However, the Vaughn family was far from traditional. Although the three sisters were raised in the brothel, they lived a normal life.
Now that the sisters were older, the rules of their home had changed. Summer, who is now twenty-one, had transitioned into the life with ease. She agreed wholeheartedly with her mother; never leave with a wet ass and an empty pocket.
Spring is twenty, and she too is with what she called the family hustle. She is studying to become a journalist, but she still manages to apply her mother’s teachings to her life and career, until a devastating loss causes her to rethink everything she’d been raised to believe.
Their baby sister, Wynter, is nineteen, and she too is in college. Wynter really didn’t care to join the family business. She was still a virgin, and she knew the golden rule in her family. Once you open those legs, it’s about the top dollars from that point on. Although she had found love, she was forced to hide it from her family. Falling in love was not in the Vaughn family playbook.
With a pimp for a father, and a bottom bitch for a mother, life is never dull for the girls. Take a ride with the Vaughn sisters and experience the unique bond of this family who will stop at nothing to protect and provide for each other.
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