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Title: Ubuntu GamePack
Version: 14.04
Platform: PC
Architecture: 32 bit (x32, x86, i386) and 64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64)
System requirements:
CPU: AMD or prots.Intel
HDD: 10GB minimum
RAM: 1G minimum
Language: Multilingual
Tablet: it is not necessary
Year: 2014
Developer: UALinux
Additional page Developer: on DistroWatch
Type drive: DVD / USB
More information about the release: online UALinux
Also available is an additional repository of more than 370 games and 560 applications for Ubuntu, and similar
Modern operating system is unthinkable without the games, and Ubuntu is no exception.
For many people, the biggest obstacle in the transition from Windows to Ubuntu was just the game, or rather the lack of good games.
Now, thanks to Ubuntu GamePack this big gap disappearing.
Distribution Ubuntu GamePack 14.04 - an operating system based on Ubuntu, which will provide a guaranteed launch more than 2423 games like the original, designed specifically for the platform GNU / Linux, as well as a significant number of games for MS Windows.
This distribution is based on Ubuntu OEM and includes all of its features, and contains:
? three delivery systems of games and applications via the Internet:
- Steam - service digital distribution of computer games and programs. (more than 632 games)
- Desura - digital distribution platform to download and install the games, as well as modifications to them. (more than 609 games)
- Djl - manager games. This is an open alternative systems such as Steam u Desura. (more than 121 games)
? means to run Windows-based games:
- PlayOnLinux - The application provides a guaranteed job over 686 Windows-Games
- WINE - application allows you to run Windows-games. Number of Windows-run games in this application depends on your ability to run them.
? in the distribution enabled Oracle Java & Adobe Flash which will run without any problems a large number of online-games.
? connected one of the largest repositories with a collection of different games. (more than 375 games)
The CD also contains drivers for the video card ATI, nVidia.
c1767ceb424673681825beaac6470b52 ubuntu-gamepack-14.04-amd64.iso
a0af609af5f907ef80efc9a77b4bc23e ubuntu-gamepack-14.04-i386.iso
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