Direct Download Ubuntu*Pack 16.04 Classic 3 [i386 + amd64] (2xDVD) July2016 Seven7i torrent

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Size: 2.8 GB
Downloaded: 829
Hits: 1330
Year: 2016
Developer: UALinux
Additional page Developer: on DistroWatch
Version: 16.04 (including all official updates on July 2016)
Platform: PC
Architecture: 32 bit (x32, x86, i386) and 64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64)
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Tablet: Not required
System requirements:
CPU: AMD or prots.Intel
HDD: 8GB minimum
RAM: 512 MB minimum
Disc Type: CD / USB
More details about the release: on site UALinux
additional repository is also available with more than 370 games and 560 applications for Ubuntu and similar
The distribution is designed for home and office use on a "set and forget." It contains all the necessary user applications, including language packs, software to play movies and music, work with documents (MS Office, PDF, etc.), Image files, browse the Internet, etc.
Classic Interface - a variant of the classic representation of the GNOME desktop GNOME 2 to 3 style.
This distribution is ideal for the supply of manufactured PC, because it requires no download additional components from the Internet.
Major changes in OEM Pack differs from the original Ubuntu:
integrated all the official updates on July 15, 2016;
Full support for Russian, Ukrainian and English languages;
full support for multimedia (audio and video files of different formats such as: avi, divX, mp4, mkv, amr, aac, Adobe Flash, and many others), as well as Bluray;
a complete set of components including support Libre Office import MS Visio files;
3D effect control panel (including support for 3D desktop cube);
the ability to use Windows-drivers for WiFi USB-adapter;
Support for additional types of archives (RAR, ACE, ARJ and others);
Full support for Windows-network and convenient tool for configuration;
Expanded support for NTFS, btrfs partitions;
support for multimedia keyboards;
convenient graphical Firewall Control System;
there is Java;
Additional drivers for printers;
video control system devices including webcams.
Advantages of installation on new computers:
The speed and simplicity of the preset;
The ability to quickly test the basic functionality of a PC collected;
The system has a colorful interface. This will increase the attractiveness of the demonstration PC to potential buyers;
Support for a wide range of modern equipment;
Secure, reliable protection against viruses and the stability of the installed OS.
The sum md5:
a096455be035edb25853626e3ee896e6 ubuntu-pack-16.04-classic3-amd64.iso
ad8987e00040122aa9a1839e5ff59096 ubuntu-pack-16.04-classic3-i386.iso
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