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Unreal Engine 4.12 Portable
Unreal Engine 4.12 Released!
This release brings hundreds of updates for Unreal Engine 4,
including 106 improvements submitted by the community of Unreal
Engine developers on GitHub!
What’s New
Sequencer is ready to use in Unreal Engine 4.12! This is our
fully non-linear, real-time cinematics and animation tool, and
the successor to Matinee. It has many powerful features,
including automatic keyframing, cinematic cameras, and live
gameplay recording. Sequencer allows for easier collaboration
on large animation projects, because you can freely organize
your sequences into as many assets as you want. Sequencer will
offer to import your existing Matinee animations when you open
them, but Matinee is still supported as well.
A preview of our VR Editor is available in this release! This
is a forward-looking feature that allows you to freely navigate
your worlds in VR using motion controllers. You can select and
move actors, place new objects and even access the editor's UI,
all while immersed in VR. This feature currently requires
either an HTC Vive or Oculus Touch development hardware. To try
it out, simply turn on "Enable VR Editing" in the Experimental
section of your Editor Preferences.
Please note, for C++ programmers on Windows: Unreal Engine now
requires Visual Studio 2015. All desktop versions of Visual
Studio 2015 are supported, including the (free) Express and
Community editions. Please upgrade at your convenience.
Of course, in every release we work hard to deliver important
new features for rendering, VR, animation, audio and mobile
devices, as well as performance improvements and fixes to
reported bugs. We hope you enjoy Unreal Engine 4.12!
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